Hi and thank you for any feedback. I am building a bathroom with all of the plumbing between the bathroom floor and the slab 8" below. (thank you all for the feedback on my last DVW post - I was squared away and passed inspection no problem.)
I was planning on making some means of opening the floor - in case of a leak etc. I therefore did not want to glue the toilet flange to the closet bend and considered using oatey's "Cast Iron Flange Replacement" in place of a standard flange. This is the one whereby tightening three screws form above a large rubber bushing is compressed such that it grabs the inside of the pipe. It is designed to replace (broken?) flanges in cast iron systems but Oatey's website says that it fits inside 4" PVC DWV as well.
Has anyone any problem with this or is there a better product/way?
thank you