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Thread: grounding 2000W inverter generator

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwelectric View Post
    So all that is left to do is for you to read and study them. Any and all of the links that you posted is nothing more than opinion. The facts come from the code books and the code book is what I have quoted.

    What you have done is muddy the water with a lot of junk and opinions. In this thread you have not made one statement of fact but only your opinion which is wrong.

    That is your opinion, And I respect that.

    Guess we agree to dis-agree.

    That is cool.

    There must be at least a million electricians and electrical engineers that are wrong.

    What would grounding the system hurt ?.

    Without the source being grounded The GFCI may be tripping balls. And could be smoking the attached items.

    Having the proper Ground will not hurt, and will protect all equipment involved. Including the user.

    Have a Great Day.

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