What do you find is the best for doing connection on PVC pipe of moderate diameter of say 2"?

It's my understanding that PVC cleaner and primer are exactly the same thing with the exception of the dye. They have the exact same ingredients and effect on the PVC. The dye is nice so you don't miss any spots though. I think we can all agree it's a good idea to clean and/or prime the PVC prior to the glue...

But at that point: Let it dry completely? Let it dry a little? Do it as fast as possible while still sopping wet?

And then when it comes to the glue (remember, 2" pipe) what is your favorite?
Clear normal?
Clear Medium Body?
Cleary Heavy Body?
Clear Heavy Duty?
Grey Heavy Duty?

Also when you push two fittings together and you look inside and see that some of the soft pipe has actually scraped up and formed a rippled mess around the inside of the joint do you consider this a good thing or a bad thing?

When attaching 2" belled end it can be very difficult to get that twist in at the end because you've got almost 6 inches of very tight pipe rubbing against each other as the glue is quickly setting... how vital do you think that twist is at the end?

Also about applicators, I'm pretty sure bubbles are bad and the standard plush applicators seem to be pretty good at making bubbles. Any purists here that only use brushes (or their fingers? i've seen this for small pipes) for PVC cement application?

Take the gloves off and tell us how you really feel