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Thread: Basement Sink Installation

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    Default Basement Sink Installation

    Hello Everyone.

    I need to install a small sink in our basement. I plan to run the drain into the pipe shown here. The existing soil pipe serves one bathroom with two sinks, one of which gurgles, a toilet, tub, and shower. It does not serve any other areas of the house.

    The sink will be located twenty pipe feet from the CL of the soil pipe against a to-be-built interior wall perpendicular to the concrete wall in the picture. Two 90 degree elbows will be required, one to turn into the interior wall, and one to turn toward the sink.

    I have zero access to the vent stack for the soil pipe in the picture. I do have access to a vent pipe for a different soil pipe serving a bathroom in another part of the basement. However it will be a long run, probably 40 - 50 feet. It will be impossible to maintain a constant slope in the horizontal part of the run.

    For what it's worth AAVs seem to be legal here.

    Comments or recommendations anyone? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
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