I have a Rheem RGRM09 2 stage furnace with Carrier A/C unit. A couple of times this summer I've come home and the A/C compressor has been on, but the blower fan is not running. The system is iced up and when I shut the system down for ten minutes and turn it back on everything starts up and works ok. The system has an ECM blower motor with a power factor choke, not a start up cap.

The furnace is about 9 months old, the A/C unit about 10 yrs. Never had a problem with a heat call this winter, this is the first summer with the new blower. Since day one, when the blower starts up (heat or cold) it rumbles for the first 30 or so seconds. Other thing that doesn't make too much sense to me is that the compressor and blower start at the same time. I would expect the blower to come on, get up to speed and then the compressor to kick. Same thing with the heat call; the exchanger fires at the same time the blower starts.

If anyone has any thoughts on what might be the issue with the blower not starting, I'd greatly appreciate them. My initial reaction is to replace the power factor choke, but I really don't know much about them so I'm not sure if it would fix the problem.