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Thread: Any Toilevator experience?

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    Default Any Toilevator experience?

    We've got an American Standard Cadet PA that we'd like to raise to ADA height. There's a raised-base device called the Toilevator out there (http://www.clarkehealthcare.com/adl/toilevator.html) that can be had for $79 or so. Does anybody know how it works? I assume there are 2 wax rings involved?

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    I don't like the fact that it is plastic.

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    Default Toto toilet base length

    I need measurements from the bolt holes to front edge of base for a Toto Drake ADA bowl, and also to rear edge. I am handicapped, and want to have a raised base installed on floor first, upon which the toilet will go. It raises things four inches. Then the extra 2 inches or so for the ADA height toilet, and I'll be on the seat of my throne at about 21 1/2". Very surprised that the first 2 plumbers I spoke to about it, have never heard of it. I plan on getting either the Toto Drake CST744SL, or the Toto Ultramax MS854114SL. Anyone know anything about these raised bases? Look up "toilevator", that will bring up one of them at least, an oval shaped one. Then there is a heavier duty one, rectangle shaped, for just under $100.
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