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Thread: Pump cycle question

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    Default Pump cycle question

    Newbee need help! Last year I install a Gould 1 hp 10 GPM submersible well pump. The well is 60 ft deep but 420ft away from the house. Instead of installing a tank at the well house, I chose to put in the house. The pressure switch on the tank is 38 PSI. The control box pressure switch is set to 40-65 psi. The plumber, who was a friend, did the install but admitted that he was green to well pumps installs. It is designed as followed. Pump (check valve), torque rest, poly pipe, galvanized pipe (this is the first 60 feet underground), 420 feet 2" pvc pipe to house (all level ground), 1 1/4" pvc to inside tank (65 gal bladder @ 38 PSI), 2 feet leaving tank there is pressure valve (wired to control box 40-65PSI), the rest of the house 3/4" pvc.

    My problem is it cycles every 25 seconds. Is this too short of a cycle. If so, is it designed wrong and how do I correct the problem.

    Thanks, Jack

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    Way too short. You're pump will be burned up in no time flat at that rate.

    Either you have a problem with your tank (like waterlogged ) or your check-valve has a massive leak back into the well or both.

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    If it is cycling when you are not using any water, then you have a bad check valve or a hole in the pipe somewhere. If it is just cycling fast while you are using some water, then something is wrong with your pressure tank. Either way, normal cycling is what caused your check valve to leak or messed up the bladder in your pressure tank. "Normal cycling" is once every minute or two, which is still too much cycling.

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