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Thread: cleaning toilet flange free of old wax

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    Default cleaning toilet flange free of old wax

    Due to a new floor, it looks like I am going to have to add a flange extender, using silicon to seal between the existing flange & the flange extension. I've done this before, but I don't remember and / or solicite a different opinion on how to get the existing flange totally free of wax. What is the best thing to cut through the residual wax particles.

    Also, do you just rely on the wood screws to clamp the flange extension, flange, & subfloor together, or do you somehow also incorporate the toilet mounting bolts into providing additional clamp load. I plan on using a Toto toilet that uses the plastic drain that bolts to the flange & also bolts to the finished floor. I forgot what this is called.

    Thanks, FJK

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    I used acetone to clean the old flange. I used some long screws into the wood and I also drilled a few holes in the old flange and used Hardi-backer screws to fix the new to the old.

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    Whenever I use screws that may be exposed to moisture, I use stainless steel. They cost a bit more, but will not rust. Brass is too weak. For toilet flanges, I use #12 screws long enough to reach into or through the sub floor. I'm sure acetone will work fine, but you might also try mineral spirits-odorless preferred.

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    Use long closet bolts which reach from the original flange, through the extenders, and up to the bowl, regardless of any other attachments you decide on to secure it.

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