My 50 gal Bradford White gas water heater was just 6 years old when it started leaking yesterday. I had it replaced under (10 year) warranty. The cost for intallation and parts was $843.00, (!!) including what I was told is an upgraded thermostat required by the state of California that cost over $400. In evaluating the model and serial numbers, I find that my "new" water heater was manufactured in Jan. 2005, and that my warrenty expiration date is April 30, 2015. I'm not real happy to find out that my new water heater is already six years old. In the FAQ on the Bradford White web site I found info that if I can prove date of installation (by producing receipt) I can receive warranteed services for the 10 year length of the warranty. Is all this okay?? or should I have been supplied with a more recently manufactured heater? What is my recourse?