I have a 11 year old Grundfos system (controller is a CU301) on a 600 ft well - submersible pump. There isn't much shallow water in the Rockies!

It has worked flawlessly for the 8 yrs I've owned the place.

I recently noticed though, my electric bill is 30% higher than last year. I've played around with the breakers, and made many trips to the electric meter, and discovered the meter still spins like crazy with everything off but the well, even when using no water. Conversely, the whole house uses almost no power with the pump off.

My conclusion is that the well/pump system is pulling power even when I am not using water.

How can this be possible? BTW, I worked in the power industry for 30 yrs, so I kinda understand power usage, but I don't know what's in this well or control system.

Thanks for any ideas,