Hi Everyone ,
So glad i stumbled across this website ,so much great info.

I recently decided to drive a sand point for irrigation of my back lawn. We are in a very sandy area and our lawn requires lots of watering. I started by driving a 36 (80 Guaze) point conected to 1 1/4 galvanized steel . My first attempt hit water at 12 feet so i continued to drive the pipe to 19 feet. It was here i noticed the first problem . When washing out the pipe my water hose continued down into the sand about 25 feet and i washed up buckets of very fine silty sand. I realized that my well head must of broke so l pulled up my pipe (for the record i would rather drive 10 wells down then to pull one up) Unfortunately i was right it had broke at the coupling.
After looking at the fine silt i purchased a 100 guaze point and drove it down . Now im at 19 feet with seven feet of water in pipe. The well will take my whole water hose without filling the pipe but only produces about 1 gal a minute( which it will do all night if i leave it) My concern i that no sand came up when i was developing the well making me think my new screen is to fine and plugging up? Any ideas

I am running a 1/2 power shallow well pump with a one inch discharge line.