the pump from my well was stolen last august. the well, which was installed in 1970, was not used for about 18 years but it primed right up in 1999. the pump worked well for filling my pool which was 100 yds away. i bought a new pump kit (much cheaper than the myers that was taken, but twice the hp at 1 hp. i have been working on it with your help for 3 mts now and was told by a well tech here that the well was no good and that for 2000 bucks or so, he will drill me another a few yards (42ft) away. this well has been good for 41 years and now it is not? i don't know what this means, so i guess the well just ran out of water. this is what i know about the well; i hit water at 33 ft and the deep well hose and jet is 39 ft from the top of the well. i can see clean water still on the foot valve and the hoses are wet about 7 ft from the valve when i pull it up. i don't know how deep the well is, but i am considernig trying to dig it deeper if that is possible. the people i got the new pump from will take the pump back, so maybe i can get a submersible and put pvc pipe inside the steel pipe and wash it deeper and get a pump that will go inside the pvc pipe. does any of this make any sense. i have no real timetable and it seems like digging another well is just a way to get ripped off. maybe i'm wrong and stupid. any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks, jim