I dont like a noisy fan either. But whats worse it having to replace the fan because parts are no longer available. I have 30 year old Broan-NuTone which are noisy. But work great with a squirrel cage blower wheel. I dont think squirrel cage fans are available any longer. Problem is ,that I cant find the squirrel cage blower wheel for a reasonable price now and need to replace them.

Which fan company would offer parts for the longest do you think. Iv been told Broan-NuTone.

One other thing. It maybe code in most places now. But make sure bath fans are vented out of the roof and not out of the soffit or into the attic. I replaced all my roof plywood on the southern side of my house last year and the ply right above the un vented fans was the worst. Moisture in the attic is not good.