It the well site are the various parts and pieces. Fuse box, relay box, tank, valves etc. Pump stopped working. Discovered underground wires from fuse box to relay box had opened. Replaced both wires leaving them above ground. Start capacitor in relay box had worked loose from pc board, one leg was not soldered properly. Resoldered capacitor in pc board and pump started working. Discovered later the pump was running constantly would not shut off. 96psi in tank. Releasing water from tank does lower pressure but shutting it off builds the pressure back to 96psi. Relay in on all the time. Just guessing either the pressure switch or the relay is bad. The relay is encapsulated to keep fire ants out and looks pretty good. Tried adjusting the pressure switch to no avail. Pressure switch looks a little questionable. Well innards have been replaced two years ago. Any help would be appreciated and I would like to thank you in advance.