ok I have read a few post about this. I assume my pump has a bladder, due to the pressure value on the tank. In the last week I have noticed that the water is pulsing every where, toilets, sinks, shower and even in the barn and outside faucets. So this is an all over problem, the water never stops running just pulsing.
There is a box on the pump that has 2 contacts one turns the tank off/on at a certain pressure, the other contact turns the tank on at a certain pressure. That makes no sense.
the tank looks new I know that it is about 6-7 yrs old, I have no idea what kind it is. the wellhouse is a little house, insulated with a cement floor with roof and insulated door. I say that because there is a lot of wellhouses/well caps in this area that people just stack hay bales around with a big plastic cap over the well itself. In the last 2 yrs we have added a fuse box for the new barn and ran water to barn, in the last month we ran a new bracker to a new electrical outlet for electric fence/ yard pond pump, but neither has yet to be running off electrical line yet. So bracker is off. The problem started a few weeks after running the new line. This shouldn't have anything to due with the water pulsing, but I am giving you all the facts.
One more fact: if we are running water in the house and someone turns on an outside faucet it will shut the water off in the house. It will come back on in a few moments. (not a big deal unless you are the one in the shower). This has been happening ever since we have lived here, working on our 6th yr.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks, Rhoni