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Thread: Funky S-trap

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    Default Funky S-trap

    I did a home inspection on a flipped home where they had a licensed master plumber but in a new bathroom. I hit them on the S-trap under the bathroom sink (first picture)Name:  P1010205 (Small).JPG
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Size:  27.7 KB. The agent asked to have the S-trap changed to a P trap. The second picture Name:  P1010190 (Small).JPG
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Size:  44.3 KB shows it is now an S trap with a vent. I also reported the vent stack is too short because it's below the drain flange.
    By the way. They could have used a regular plumbing vent through the roof but they didn't.
    Can somebody tell me if this plumber is all washed up?

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    I have a similar setup under my kitchen sink......

    I installed it myself.... It never had a vent before and was an S trap and always drained slow.

    There was no way to get up thru the roof with a proper vent. The drain is in the floor not the wall and the sink is on the first floor.. so I added a Studor AAV. Mine is above the bottom of the sink and the trap arm is longer....

    Mine sink drains perfect...no smells.....5 years at least working fine.....

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    In many ares studor vents are legal. The only requirement is that they are accessible. They do not have to be above the flood level of the fixture.


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    Have you guys noticed the Kohler TV ad where they depict a vanity sink on the top floor that has no trap at all? Drain goes down below the sink then elbows 90 deg for a few inches then elbows straight down and through the floor. I know it's just an advertisement for their Kohler products, but the lack of trap really jumped out at me.

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    The mechanical vent is allowed in some places and not in others. IMO, it makes sense to use one when installing a real vent is not cost effective for a remodel, but I believe it should be avoided whenever possible.

    IMO, one improvement to the one in the picture would be to get the vent up as high as possible under the cabinet to help prevent it from becoming contaminated if their were a minor back-up. If any solids get stuck up in the AAV, it will not seal and then the sewer gas will be leaking in.

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    Hi all:

    I don't know...I see this as a vented STRAP. I mean, doesn't the vent have to be at least 2 pipe diameters from the wier of the trap? Here, that would mean that the trap arm needs to be a minimum of 3 inches (1.5" pipe x 2), otherwise, it's an STRAP, right?

    Also note that the manufacturer's of AAVS only require that the AAV be installed a minimum of 4-6" above the crown of the trap so the height of the AAV is OK, but I do agree with Cacher_Chick that the AAV is better up higher, for sure!

    That's my thoughts here!

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