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Thread: Toilet tank and bowl incompatible?

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    Default Toilet tank and bowl incompatible?

    Iím having a problem with the toilet flushing completely. Itís been like that since we bought the property. All the components in the tank are in working order. The water does not seep into the bowl after the flush. The water level is adequate. The drain is not clogged. Tested it by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl without difficulty. I noticed something out of place; the tank looks older than the bowl. On the top of the bowl, behind the toilet seat, it says American Standard Ė Water Saver. I checked the date under the lid of the tank. It stated June 1975. I know the water saver toilets didnít come into the market until the 1990ís. Is it possible the tank is not compatible with the bowl? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    You didn't mention the tube that is supposed to be attached to the overflow pipe. This is what fills the bowl after a flush. It should be clipped to the top of the overflow pipe so that the stream of water is directed into overflow.

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    Some toilets, including new ones, just don't flush well. How much wateris left in the tank after you flush and the flapper valve closes? If there is alot left, try holding the lever up until all of the water is released. If that helps, you may be able to get a different flapper valve. The newest ones are designed to only let a limited amount of water down the drain before they close. It is normal on newer toilets to not empty the tank with each flush - they use that height of water to make it dump the water it does use faster to produce a better flush. If your toilet was not designed for less water, that may be most of the problem.
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    Default tank

    The incompatibility occurs when a "small" tank is used with an old bowl, not the other way around, that is assuming someone could actually get the two to attach together. You have some other problem.

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    Actually, American Standard was making a water conserving model of their Cadet in the early seventies, before three and a half gallons became the mandate later in the seventies. I have friends who have two of these in their condo and they sound exactly as you describe. They look like the other Cadets of that era but with a somewhat smaller tank. To make my point, theirs did not flush well at all. I have found that the older (pre-1977) Cadets that have been retrofitted with a traditional style flapper don't flush well, as was the case with my friends'. The older Cadets had an "actuator" flush valve with a tilt-valve type of assembly that allowed all of the water in the tank to drain to the bowl when flushed. The style of those older Cadet bowls needed all of that water to consistently, adequately and completely flush. The replacement actuators are readily available and installation is the same as replacing the flush valve. Many times the tilt valve assembly can alone be replaced and is much less of a hassle. Check the flush valve in your tank to make sure that the plastic "ears" that hold the tilt valve in place are not broken and you can then replace only the tilt valve.


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