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Thread: Cycle Stop Valves (More)

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    Default Cycle Stop Valves (More)

    Thanks valveman,It's a submersible a 1 1/2 hp I think.Is this ok or does it need a 20 psi spread? Should I change the CSV to a 40-60 or change the pressure switch to a 30-50 and lower the pressure in the tank to 28 psi instead of 38 psi? Maybe I need to mention the tank is a new 119 gal. with new gauge and pressure switch.
    The old tank was buried three feet underground (bad idea I think) and had a ruptured bladder.I've relocated the pressure tank to my shop 100 feet further from the well.With the tank underground there was no way to maintain it , put in a filter or water softner etc.

    Thanks Don

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    We don't label them 30/50 or 40/60 anymore, that must be a very old valve, which is good. An old 30/50 is actually a 40 PSI valve. And yes the tank size matters. It will take forwever to get to 60 PSI in a 119 gal tank starting with a 40 PSI Cycle Stop Valve. To keep from taking so long to fill that big tank, you need the pressure switch set to shut off about 45 PSI, maybe a little higher if your gauge is off. Where it comes on is not important except that you need less air in the tank than the pressure switch start point. So if you set if for 30/45, you need 25 PSI air in the tank.

    Normally with that large a tank I would use a 60 PSI CSV and set the pressure switch to 45/65, with 40 PSI air in the tank. 40 PSI is just kind of low for me, but no problem if you can live with that pressure.

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    I installed a csv last week, was easy to do and I noticed a difference right away, Having constant pressure is really nice. I even watered the lawn and noticed a difference in sprinkler performance.

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