Hello all - after 21 years of love the beautiful blue toilet in my photo is to be replaced. It's an American Standard and I'm sure it was not one of the upper level models at the time. But it's served us well and continues to work perfectly. But we're remodeling (yes that awful vinyl floor is being replaced with travertine!) and it's time to say goodbye to Blue and hello to a new toilet. But here's the problem - we have NO IDEA which one to buy!!! So please...share your expert advice with us. We want a choice that will last another 20 years!

Here are our requirements:
- color - bone or cream (I am so tired of special order toilet seats!!!)
- ADA height
- powerful flush with water covering the entire bowl
- easy installation - my husband is a talented DIYer, but not a plumber, and wants to install it himself
- if it were also a thing of beauty that would be awesome too
- it would be good if it were not over $500, but we're willing to pay for a performer that will last

Here's what we don't know:
- what's better 1 or 2 piece? We like the way 1 looks but not sure if there are issues with a one piece that we will not want to deal with
- what's really the best brand and model for the money
- do we really need a plumber to install it and we should forget the DIY thought?
- I'm sure there are many things we don't know that I'm not even thinking to ask!

Thank you for your advice - we are looking to purchase before the end of the week and our decision will be made from advice we get in this forum!

Much love and thanks to you all ~ GoldDustWoman