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Thread: HELP Price Pfister adapter

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    Exclamation HELP Price Pfister adapter

    I just purchased a new portable dishwasher that is supposed to have a very easy hook up to the kitchen faucet. I have a price pfister faucet and the adapter does not fit. Apparently, PF does not have a standard size faucet, it is a hair smaller. Does anyone know of where i can get an adapter that will fit my faucet?
    I have tried everything and I really HATE washing my dishes with this brand new dishwasher in my kitchen :-) THANKS!

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    If it's an older P/P, it probably uses a 3/4-27 female aerator. This is not the size more commonly used on newer faucets, but it is readily available, as are adapters to help this fit your D/W connector. Just go to a big plumbing supply house.


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