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Thread: Shower Valve Replacement for American Standard N 1130-1

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    Default Shower Valve Replacement for American Standard N 1130-1

    I have been struggling with this stuck shower faucet valve for hours. It seems to be an American Standard from what I can read on the escutcheon plate. I have not been able to identify any similar model in their catalog. I have looked in HD plumbing dept and didn't see anything similar. Do you know what this valve is? Can you tell me how to replace it? I would like to turn my water back on, but the valve leaks inside the wall now when the water is on. Thank you.

    The escutcheon plate that appears to read: American Standard

    After removing the hex set screw and handle.

    Faucet and tube.

    Close-up of valve, chrome tube and mix valve.

    A view from the side.

    What happened when I tried to unscrew tube from valve to find attachment screws.

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