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Thread: No hot Water :(

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    Default No hot Water :(

    Hello everyone,

    I have a whirlpool 45 gallon electric heater (E2F40LD045V) that has been working fine since 2004, until yesterday. It worked as usual in the morning, but I got home from work and I had no hot water at all.

    The only thing I have noticed that is diferrently is in the past 3 months, the water pressure in the shower changes when a toilet is flushed or the kitchen sink is turned on, and if hot water is used, the water in the shower gets cold. It wasn't always that way.

    So here is what I have done:

    Ive checked the Ohms on both elements; top is 12.3 and the bottom is 12.6. Both have continuity.
    When I crank the top thermostat all the way up to 150, it turns on and the bottom element registers 240V. When I turn that one down, and turn the bottom thermostat on, the top element registers 240V.
    I went to Lowes and explained this to the plumbing guy, and he insisted it was the elements and sold me two of them. Im not convinced, so I didnt open them.

    Anyone have any ideas? I will be moving in a couple of months and really want to spend as little as possible just to get by.


    Update: after having the bottom thermostat set to 150, we had hot water... I turned it back down to 125... hopefully its still hot tomorrow. Maybe the thermostat is going bad?
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