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It is a misting FAN. The mist is introduced into the air stream as it leaves the fan. It is for a localized area, and has NOTHING to do with a roof top cooling or evaporation system. When he said "OVER the enclosed porch area" he meant INTO, INSIDE, or through, (take your pick), the area.
I see and understand this now but when I first read the post I took the “over” to mean “above” or on top of the roof.

Even using the set up as was later defined the water droplets of the mist are very important in the effect being sought.
We wouldn’t want the fan spraying water everywhere.

As long as the water mist is in front of the blades there would be no problem. Any receptacle installed outside, and a covered porch is outside, would need to be GFCI protected. This protection would not have any effect on the fan motor.