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Thread: Removing sprinkler heads

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    Default Removing sprinkler heads

    I'm wanting to make some changes to the postage stamp sized backyard of my condo. I'm planning on taking out all the grass. I want to install two raised garden beds, surrounded by gravel in the 6 x 18 strip across the back, and then extend the patio out the additional 6 feet of space that's left to the side (only half that space is lawn right now).

    The problem is what do I do with the sprinkler heads? Especially the two where I want to extend the patio. All of the lawn care is handled by the condo association and the sprinklers for all the units are connected. I know nothing about sprinklers so I'm at a loss, and I don't trust the lawn care people the association has hired to run things. Please help.

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    The best thing to do with the heads you want to elimenate is dig down to where each head is connected to the white pvc pipe, unscrew the fitting and replace it with a 1/2 inch threaded plug being sure to use teflon tape to seal the threads. For the raised beds you can convert the fittings to move the heads to those boxes or change them to drip lines or micro-sprays according to what you want to plant.

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