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Thread: Well guy says "Dead Short", Steel Drop Pipe has weird pock marks on it

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    Default Well guy says "Dead Short", Steel Drop Pipe has weird pock marks on it

    Type of pump?
    Three wire (control box)___YES___
    One or two pipes down the well_ONE___

    Size of Pump?
    Motor Horsepower?___1HP_______
    Pump Model #___STA-RITE S20P4HS10231___________
    Date Pump Installed___2/6/09_______

    Pumping from?
    Water Well_____YES_______
    Depth of well___45ft_______
    Depth to water__10-20ft_______
    Pipe Size_____2?____"
    Drop Pipe Material

    Well Casing Diameter___4____”
    Rock Well____YES______

    Well Casing Material

    Pressure Tank? NO

    Pump Control Method?
    Pump Start Relay (sprinkler timer, no tank)___YES_______

    Water Used For?
    Irrigation with timers___YES_____

    Problems Experienced
    No Water_____YES____________

    No Sounds____YES_________

    Do you have, and know how to use
    an Ampmeter and Voltmeter_____YES_____________

    Location: We are in the Tampa FL area

    Describe Problem:

    We live on an acre of property that is mostly irrigated. The other day I doing some yard pickup as the sprinklers cycled. At some point I noticed that they had stopped, and not finished.

    I check the well, the pump is off (you can hear/feel it hum when its on). I check the timer, it still thinks the pump is on. I check the breaker, its fine. I manually turn it off, and I hear the control relays shut off. I manually turn it back on, I hear the relays... but nothing. I manually turned it off again and open the relax box to see if anything was obviously fried in there and all looked good.

    I call the well guy that installed the current pump setup back in 2009. He comes out, and does testing and says its a "DEAD SHORT" in the pump. Its out of warranty (of course) but he says he wants to try and send it in anyways because he buys so many, etc etc....but he says if it got iron all over it, he knows they won't cover it. We do have iron in the water as you can see some stains the sprinklers have left.

    Today he pulled the pump. The first 10 feet of the drop pipe were clean and shiny. The next 12 feet were black like chimney soot black. The next 12 feet were dark metal colored, not sooty black nor shiny, but have weird pock marks on them. I can't explain them, but I'm attaching a picture... I mean its REALLY weird. The last 10 feet were totally duct taped to the wire, so all you see is duct tape.... Then the pump is pretty black as well.

    The guy said the well was causing the black soot and the pock marks/pitting. He said the pock/pitting was very unusal, and he'd only seen that in like 50 wells over several thousand that he's worked on over the years. His opinion is that the well will continue to ruin pumps and should ultimately be replaced.

    He said they would be back in the morning, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Here are some pictures from what was pulled.

    Does this guy have any idea what he is talking about? Is my well really killing pumps in 2 years? What are these pock marks? Any help at all would be appreciated...


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