Just replace my main line. Had a blockage and was only 25 ft. to the road from a PVC cleanout 3 ft. outside the house. Have cast iron from the PVC cleanout to under house. Thought I had Orangeburg out to road, and have read that this should be replaced. Rental house of mine and did not want any reoccurring problems. So rented a small backhoe.
But anyway this seemed to be a gray color pipe. Almost like layers of paper wrapped with concrete in between. Instead of like tar I have seem on Orangeburg. Matter fact the heavy metal cutting sawall blade I used cuts fine thru cast iron but dulled quickly on this stuff.
I finished the job but actually felt I just wasted my time. I mean this pipe (about 50 years old) looked great, almost like new and heavier and thicker than PVC and much harder to cut.
The Orangeburg I have seen delaminates or looks deteriorated, weak and sags. This had no sags and seemed like it would even have a hard time doing so.
Almost like a 4" concrete pipe with paper layers. Asbestos maybe? Did remind me of asbestos siding I have cut and repaired in the past. That was great product if it did not have the health issuses.
Curious what type of pipe I had?
From the perfect looks of this stuff I just should have left it alone and had the line snaked.
Any opinions