I just replaced a solenoid in a Rain Bird DVF 100 due to a short in the old one, screwed it all the way tight. When I turned on the master shut off valve 'on', that station turned on. The new solenoid seems to thread in fine, but does spurt a leak when screwed all the way down. I tried reinstalling the old solenoid, and with it installed I still have full manual control (no flow @ screwed down all the way). I even installed a second new solenoid, same problem, I have no manual control, and the controller box doesn't do anything. I also tried messing w/ the bleed screw, to no avail. One thought that I have is that maybe I have the wrong solenoid? I just bought this house and chose this part based solely on the pictures on Rain Birds website, there are no model numbers on the solenoids. My pipe looks to definitely be 1", and they are definitely DV series.