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Thread: help needed quickly, re: ac fuse

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    Default help needed quickly, re: ac fuse

    I have a issue with my ac unit 's fuse. How can I tell if it is burned and need a new one.. if so, where would I go and how much are they? The fuse if attached to a t shaped holder, and one side looks like it is burnt, help please!! It is hot in here!

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    We don't know what you are looking at, as most central air units do not have fuses.

    If you posted a couple pictures along with the make and model information, it might be helpful.

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    The fuse is most likly the service disconect which is required for servicing the unit.
    Most likly you have a bussman 30 Amp fuse, but could be more I've seen upto 60 amp fuses but that is alot of power.

    Take the Tee part fuse holder pulls out as part of the service disconnect, just take that to Home Depot and they should be able to hook you up with replacement fuses.
    I think that they are about $4 each.
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    If the holder looks burnt, it may need to be replaced. Excessive heat can make the springs that hold the fuses and make the connection weak, and make a poor connection, causing more heat and potential failure. If it gets intermittent, it could burn out the compressor as well.
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    Default fuse

    The only way to really tell if a fuse is good or not is with a continuity tester.

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