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Thread: Steam Vacuum Cleaners

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    Default Steam Vacuum Cleaners

    I have about 500 sq ft of regular Stainmaster type carpeting in my house that hasn't had a professional or steam cleaning in 4 years. I would like to get your opinion on under $200 steam vacuum cleaners from companies like Hoover and Bissell? I have a Hoover Floormate that I use for the tile areas in my floor and am not too impressed with it because of leaks and tank size. Does these steam vacuum cleaners use a lot of liquid with each use, because I have noticed that the cleaning solutions sold with them are pretty expensive compared with going to a janitorial supply store and buying a gallon for $20. Is it possible to make a home carpet cleaning recipe that's effective for pennies lol?

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    They are like Barbi dolls. They make their "real money" from the accessories they sell for it.

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