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Thread: Building extra room in attached garage.

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    Default Building extra room in attached garage.

    We are seeking to break through a service porch back wall to build an extra room in our attached garage. It would be done by a licensed contractor but unpermitted and would be removed in the future. The size would be about 11x13. good idea or terrible idea?

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    Fire and electric code issues need to be met, particularly being that it is attached to a residence.

    I wouldn't think of doing this without a permit and inspection. If done wrong, the house could have it's occupancy denied and you would be looking for place to stay until it is brought up to code.

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    There are strict requirements for a bedroom, as far as access, AND emergency egress, which your contractor should know about, but I cannot imagine any licensed contractor being willing to assume the potential liability by NOT getting it permitted. I also assume this will FILL the garage so you cannot park a car in the garage.

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