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Thread: Looking for Lasco shower/tub parts

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    Default Looking for Lasco shower/tub parts

    I have an older model Lasco shower/tub enclosure. the ss grab bar needs to be replaced, along with one missing grommet. I've contacted Lasco and they were absolutly no help.
    so far, I have been able to find acrylic rod material (6' lengths) but the grommets have got me stumped. does anyone know where I can purchase either one of these items?

    OD of bar - 7/8" (.875)
    OD of grommet hole - 1 1/16" (1.125)
    bar length - 16 3/4"

    thank you,

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    Lasco won't be making the grab bars themselves.
    They wouldn't tell you where you could get a replacement or the company who makes it for them?
    Maybe they don't want to deal with the end user, have you tried to contact one of their Wholesalers or Retailers?

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    The way I read this,the "bar" part of the grab bar is broken and you just want to replace that part and keep the end pieces.
    I'm trying to figure what broke a 7/8 thick stainless steel bar.I cant see where replacing it with an acrylic rod could possibly be safe.
    Carrying that further,I've never seen the "bar" part sold separately.To properly install a grab bar one would need access to the back (stud side) of the unit.
    Just to check,sure this is not a slide bar for a hand-shower? Or a towel bar?
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    I know this is an old thread, but did you ever find those grommets? I have the same issue and found one other person who in the last two weeks has the same problem on a different forum.

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    I found a place that sells those PVC grommets:

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    Well I consider myself to be pretty savvy when it comes to searching the web for items, but this one took some time. Definitely a hard to find item.

    I too was in need of these little plastic grommets and had some major ceiling damage below the tub when one of these had broken away in the kids tub and I was unaware it had been removed.

    So for those of you searching and searching - here they are - http://www.uspartscenter.com/towelgrabbar.aspx

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    My question is, once you have the grommets and acrylic bar, how do you secure it to the tub? My old bar has clips on each end and I was able to remove it by twisting it and popping the clips off, but there is no way to put the clips back on as there is no access to the tub wall with out demoing the exterior wall the tub sits against. Is there an adhesive that can be used like Lexel caulk for instance and just applying it to the grommets and sliding the bar into the grommets and then caulking aroung the bar and grommets? Bad design by Lasko, great if it doesn't tear up, is my opinion and even worse that they do not offer any fix for this. My brother had this problem on a house he was remodeling for a customer a few years back and contacted Lasko and they sent directly to the customer a replacement bar that the customer was able to install but this is no longer done as I have contacted Lasko and they offer no replacement.

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    I realize this thread is really old, but it's what pops up at the top of my google search over and over! I have the same problem, older house, the little inset towel bar fell out of 2 baths and I needed to replace them. I still have one of the bars but need to replace the other. Fortunately, one of the tubs still had the original grommet still in place! It is Heyco snap bushing ID#SB 1093-14, part number 2164. I went to Heyco's website and asked for a sample part and hopefully, will receive the order in a few days. I'm hoping it fits and can be used to reseat the original bar. I'll be using the links above to order an acrylic replacement for my other bath. Thanks for keeping this info here for us to find!!


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