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Thread: How to find leaks?

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    Default How to find leaks?

    My friend has one drip/microspray zone in the beds in front of her house. There's gotta be close to 100 emitters/sprays total on the zone. It's split into 2 sections, divided by a sidewalk. Each section appears to be plumbed into the PVC line (as opposed to running a flex pipe under the sidewalk to connect the 2 directly).

    She had some guy rip out a bunch of plants and plant even more. Now the microsprays are not popping up and aren't putting out much water.

    I fixed 2 leaks in the funnypipe in section 2. The sprays in section 2 are better but still poor. Section 1 is not bad.

    I've pulled up a ton of the funnypipe looking for more leaks with no luck. Is there some method that is better than pulling up the pipe? Is there a tool line a pressure gauge or something that would help isolate the leak(s)?

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    I know of no tool. How about just letting the water run and find the wet spots?

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