If you feel taxed out today, and need to relax, watch this video. This is a bad month for me because my husband died but, I when I watched this, it made me feel close to him, thinking that maybe, someday, I will see him again. And, literally, knock him over hugging him to pieces. I am glad that the month of May is almost over. If anyone ever loved another human being, I loved him. He wasn't perfect, just perfect for me.

Enjoy the video.


The Mountain on Vimeo


This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011, when visiting El Teide.
Spainīs highest mountain @(3718m) is one of the best places in the world
to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories,
considered to be one of the worldīs best observatories.