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Thread: Jaccuzzi Perfecta EZ33959 Toilet

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    Default Jaccuzzi Perfecta EZ33959 Toilet

    I bought this toilet at Lowes and when I installed it I found that water leaks from the tank. If I shut off the water supply it leaks completely. Water does not go onto the floor so I know it is getting past the flapper assembly. I used joint compound on the big nut underneath and on the big rubber gasket and tightened the nut with some large channel locks. It still leaks and the only thing I can think of is to take the tank back off and put gasket sealer under the flapper assembly on the inside of the tank.
    Does anybody have any ideas on a solution?


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    Are you sure it's not not flapper?

    I've never used joint compond on a toilet before.

    These are our instructions
    They should work for any brand.
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