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Thread: WOW it pays to be an animal lover

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    Default WOW it pays to be an animal lover

    Here's the scenario:

    I am inside the house on the phone talking to Verizon. I am sick of Comcast for tv service and got rid of them. Now, my son beeps over saying, " hey, mom we got another baby deer outside." So, I go outside in barefeet, and there he is. I saw him this morning being born down back. He can't get out of a gully on the side of the road and mamma deer is up above looking very worried. So, while talking to this man on the phone I am talking to son, and oohing over the baby deer. I get my son to pick up the baby deer gingerly, carrying it up to the bushes at my neighbor's house where its mom was it.

    My son leaves. So, now, I see the momma deer can't find her baby. She is looking.

    I am back up at my neighbor's telling the man on the phone about the baby deer, he is telling me about the deer right in the back of their Verizon building in New Jersey.

    I find the baby deer and now, I was bent over, flicking off ants and bugs from the baby, startling it. I don't know how many ever heard them when they yell, but they sound like a T-Rex from the movie, Jurassic Park. He shrieks into the phone, and I then, hear the man yelling, I am yelling because I backed onto very sharp stones in her driveway.

    We both start laughing, and I tell the guy, "THAT wasn't me yelling like a dinosaur!"

    Well, now, the momma deer I am sure, knew where her baby was at, without a doubt.

    I head back over across the scalding asphalt road in barefeet making painful, cries and sounds because I couldn't help it ...

    I got this deal of the century.

    I got over 300 channels, HBO, Cinemax, free for a year, one free box, and a free prepaid 75.00 Visa card!

    All for a grand total of 29.99 a month plux, taxes!

    What a nice man.
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    I had to go back and take some pictures to show you how cute they are, the momma is in the bushes watching me, so, I quickly snapped a couple ...

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    I also, called my neighbor to tell how I put something in her yard. lol. She goes, " what kind of animal?" lol. " And, how big?" lol. I told her to be careful not to run over the baby deer...

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    Well, the momma deer came over to my side window and was staring in. She brought along a rabbit. lol, but, she was staring in at my cat and I looking out, as if to say, " go get my baby you got hands." She ran back over across the road and came back again, to the window. I am going to wait until, the sun goes down and then, go get her baby and put it in my back yard where he was born. I think she wants him back there.

    Here is a picture of her looking in my window and the rabbit she brought along, lol.

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    Well, the deer are on my yard. I went to the store, came home to check on the baby and the mamma deer walked out of the bushes to me. We looked at each other and I scooped her baby up carried him across the road to the back of my yard where he was born. They are both happy. How neat, she just followed me back there. If I had this touch with making money I would be a rich woman.

    I was going to cut my grass but, I can safely, assume this is not in the picture this weekend or so.

    That is okay...

    I got the town's tallest dandellions. My son and I measured them. He actually took a picture of them, they are up to almost my waist. He said, " what are these things you are growing, mom?"

    The rabbits like em. Wish I could say the same about the neighbors.

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    I like this kid of mine. I enjoy him because you can joke around with him. He told me the other day, how different I am than other mom's... so, I looked at him while driving saying, " yeah, don't ever think about putting me in the "finest" nursing home when I am old... I am living with you.

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    Well, a couple of the new neighbor kids came out to see the baby deer. I noticed a special someone was always watching and before, I knew it, I heard, " is that a baby deer?" I looked at the kids, telling them, "time to go home now" and, when they disppeared into the house I yelled over, " that was my cat it got out."

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    and... both momma deer and baby deer are doing well. I was just watching the newbie walking around with his mom.

    I think I will name him, Harry.

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