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Thread: Sweaty Toilet, how to fix it

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    Default Sweaty Toilet, how to fix it


    I have a 15 year old house and one of the toilet is having issues with condensation. when checked the ********* suggested me to use insulation kit but one of my friend said to replace the toilet.

    Please advise which one is a good fix.



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    The first thing you should check is for a leaking flapper.
    First, make sure that the small fill tube from the fill valve is just above the overflow tube in the tank.
    If the tubing is pushed too far down the overflow tube, it can siphon water into the bowl, bypassing the flapper.
    If that is fine, then put food dye in the tank, and if the dye shows up in the bowl, then you need to replace the flapper.

    You tank will sweat if it's constantly refilling the bowl.

    Replacing the entire toilet seems kind of dramatic.

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    Condensation is caused when the tank refills with cold water. It's just like what happens with a glass of ice water in a warm room. Given the age of your home, it is almost certain that the toilet is not a low flow model and empties the entire 3 gallons of water per flush and is therefore refilled with 100% cold water. Modern low flow toilets have approximately the same amount of water in the tank, but only use half (1.6 gallons) per flush. This means the refill only requires 1.6 gallons and that is mixed with the water that remained in the tank which is at room temperature. The result is the water in the new tank is not nearly as prone to condense as the old tank. There are tempering devices that can be used to mix some warm water with the refill as well as insulated tanks, but most folks find that condensation is not a problem with 1.6 gallon tanks. And, the latest toilet models use only 1.28 gallons per flush so this will further ease the problem. I would suggest that a new Toto toilet would not only stop the condensation problem, but bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

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