First time well digger here located in Florida. Im in a world of sand

I'll explain what I have done and what issues(if any) I am having.

Flotec thermoplastic 1.5HP
1.5" inlet and outlet
dual voltage set at 115V(running on 12guage extension cord for testing)

Static water level roughly 7-8ft

1st setup:
Jetted 2" casing 30ft down
Inserted 1.25" suction pipe w/ 5ft well point
At top of suction pipe used a 1.25" to 1.5" bushing(all pipes now 1.5"
Attached check valve then to pump
Flow rate 7 GPM

2nd setup:
Using same setup as above I jet another 30ft well point 6ft away.
Manifolded them equal distance apart and all 1.5" pipe
Attached check valve after the T
Flow rate 7GPM

I expected a higher flow rate on the first pipe. I read multiple points will produce more water. They are producing the same flow rate?

The check valve holds tight and makes a nice vaccum sound when unscrewed. Stays primed overnight(2 days is the longest i have let it sit without fiddling with it).

Connected a pressure guage and it read zero. This cannot be as it can run two giant impact sprinkler heads at the same time. Will exchange guage tomorrow, and post back results.

Next thing I have noticed is a slight gargling sound in the pump after 15 min or so of running. Read it may be cavitation and will try to adjust a few things to remedy that as to not cause pump damage. It is very slight, and adjusting the ball valve only makes it sound worse.

I know I provided alot of information(hopefully clearly) and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this. Hopefully you will notice something that I am overlooking and/or provide some tips to this beginner.

Thank You,
John C.