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Thread: Anyone with 1st-hand Kohler Class Five Flushing Experience?

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    Default Anyone with 1st-hand Kohler Class Five Flushing Experience?

    My wife and I are remodeling three bathrooms and a kitchen at the same time and was interested in using the Kohler Memoirs Suite in the guest bathroom. I would like to know if anyone has any first-hand (or butt) experience with the new one-piece Memoirs Comfort Height toilet with Stately design. I have limited experience with one and two-piece toilets because my previous apartment had those high-pressure flush valves (have no idea what they're called) that I will miss. Conventional wisdom tells me to forget about one-piece and after reading most of the posts in this forum I didn't see too much love (pardon the pun) out there for Kohler of American Standard toilets but thought I would check anyway since this is new technology and it's going in the guest bathroom.

    All thoughts and comments appreciated, I guess flames as well.


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    The first one with the Kohler class 5 flush was the Cimarron.

    Consumer comments are there.

    When I used the Cimarron, I noticed the lack of bowl wash at the back.
    It works better than their 2" flush valve models, but not as well at the better brands that use a 3" flush valve.

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    Thanks Terry for your quick reply. Any idea if all Kohler Class Five flushing toilets have the same bowl design and lack of bowl wash at the back or is this limited to the Cimarron model?

    What one and two-piece "better brands" with a 3" flush valve should I consider if we were thinking of NOT matching the toilet to the sink. BTW, I'm more interested in no plugging and better bowl wash than noise and style. Since this is a guest bathroom I thought it would be ok to sacrafice looks (makes my wife a happy camper) for funtionality. Does that make any sense?


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    Last year, I installed a Kohler Cimarron with Class Five flushing action in my second floor bathroom, which replaced a series of toilets (some of them 5-gallons per flush) each of which had deficiencies that required a second or sometimes three flushes before the water came back clean.
    The Cimarron flushed solids fine most of the time (it plugged once requiring a plunger). But, true to the comments on this site, the bowl rinse was poor.
    Because of the rinsing problem, I replaced the Cimarron with the Toto Drake, and am so far very happy with it (the best toilet in that bathroom since my home was built almost 20 years ago); no clogs, no "spit-ups" and a good rinse, almost equal to my 1936 "Standard" MODERNUS in my first floor half-bath.
    Unless Kohler has addressed the rinsing issue over the past year, I would consider something else.



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