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Thread: 30 Dumb Inventions

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    Default 30 Dumb Inventions

    This will make you smile... no matter who you are.


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    #31 is that web page. I had to keep scrolling up and down and up and down...

    It made me frown.

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    When I click on it, I see the pictures #1-31, and then, I arrow over and read the description.
    #23 is my favorite.
    #28 is a close runner-up
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    I like #6 The Baby Cage... Michael Jackson would have liked that one...

    #8 The Motorized Surfboard has made a big comeback with it's recent reinvention....

    #10 The Rocket Belt seems also to have been reintroduced recently in a variety of forms including jet engines with which a guy recently flew over the Grand Canyon...

    #12 The Lighted Tire resurfaced as Neon Lights under the cars....

    #18 The Mini Television has resurfaced as watching videos on your smart phone...

    #20 The Beating Breast resurfaced as a teddy bear with sound duplicating the sounds from in a womb....

    #22 The Birdman Suit has resurfaced as winged suits for skydivers and base jumpers, they have also been fitted with small jet engines...

    #23 The Phone Answering Robot has resurfaced and been refined now is referred to as voice mail...

    #26 TV Glasses have resurfaced as virtual reality headsets....

    #27 The Cat Mew Machine has been refined to ultrasonic pest repellant devices with with your mileage may vary...

    #29 The Cigarette Holder For Two is resurfacing recently as Hookah Lounges...

    #30 The External Turkey Roaster is in use at almost every fast food joint with your pre-made sandwich under the heat lamps....

    It looks like Bad Inventions have as Many Lives as Bad Politicians and sooner or, later we will be stuck with them...

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