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Thread: Remodel install problem

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    Default Remodel install problem

    Great forum...been getting a lot of advice just reading but now have a specifice quesiton.

    Doing a master bath remodel. Master on ground floor...concret slab. To replumb shower did the following:

    1 Shut water off to house.

    2 Cut water lines in shower that also serve jack and jill bath upstairs (two sinks in seperate rooms and bath/toilet in room in betwee)

    3 Installed ball valves before tee to master shoer and upstairs bath

    4 Kept ball valves closed so master and that side of house did not have water

    My name is Todd and really, really appreciate the help.

    5 Replumbed the master bath - mixer, 3 volume controls (1 for overhead shower, 1 for body sprays and 1 for handheld)

    6 To pressure test master installed stub outs on all heads

    7 Opened ball valves and master shower

    8 No leaks but problem in upstairs baths - the bathtub and toilet flows but both sinks just trickle. sounds like water with air?

    Any thoughts on how to fix this issue?

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    quote; sounds like water with air?

    HOW would the air get into the pipe, and if it did, why wouldn't it be flushed out when the faucet is opened? It is NOT air in the water, but it probably is a clogged aerator on the faucets. Was "My name is Todd" item 4A?

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    first the "my name is Todd" happened when I forgot to put my name on the thread and went back to add it and I put it in the wrong spot...sorry.

    Yep you were correct that's all it was, clogged aerators...thank you and thank goodness!


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