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Thread: Power Usage

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    Smile Power Usage

    I currently have a 110 circuit panel, and have several 220 uk products. I had electrician to install 220 outlets to accomodate these appliances. I find my electrical billing quite high, even tho I am not using the 220 appliances often. The power company meter man, told me that I needed to change my circuit panel to a complete 220 and that would reduce my usage. Is this correct? I do not know if the change over would be cost effective, but if the difference is minimal, would it b e worth it.
    Thannks, confused.

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    Electricity in Jamaica is 110 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles with some wide spread 220 volt systems.

    Should you try to use an inductive appliance rated for 220 volts on a 110 volt circuit the appliance will not last very long.

    Adapters can be used to increase the voltage from 110 t0 220 for for these appliances but if the appliance has a high current draw the adapter will be expensive.

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    You CANNOT operate 220v appliances on a 110v system by just installing different outlets, and anyone who tries to do it is NOT an electrician. Step up transformers have to be chosen for the amount of power you need and can get expensive, plus having an "overhead expense" when operating.

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