Hello All,

A lot of times You get emails that you may delete as spam.

They may be marked as Spam or suspicious by your email Software.

But some of these emails may be ligament and you need to screen them, Before you open them, Or you could get a virus.

If You are using Microsoft Email Software, Then screening is easy.

You should never use a preview pane.
A preview pain, is just that, A Pain ITA. Could Auto Install a Virus. Best not to use it.

But if you highlight the Suspect Email Then;

Right Mouse Button (On suspect Email) - Properties - Details - Message Source.

That will Clue You in as to if it is Virus, or an email from a friend that got marked as spam, or a possible Virus that You need to delete.

Without opening it, You can see what it is.

A lot of You Know about this, I am sure. Let me know if this helped you or not.

I Just wanted to update, old school users. I am an old Fart also. And I Love it...

Have a Great Day.