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Thread: Stove Problem

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    Default Stove Problem

    I noticed while broiling that my front burner, (gas) with an electronic ignition, does not work. Although, it works when not broiling.


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    What stove have you got Cookie? make/mod/sn Probably on a plate you can see with the broiler door open.

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    I got a picture of it! and, if that doesn't help, I will get the model number, etc. It is 5 years old. Thank you Red...

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    I can't find it. SO, I will look for the model # and such. I wonder why it is not working, I didn't think to check to see, if the oven and burner is still doing the same thing... hmm..

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    It is a GE, the serial # is, 31786641P001 I can't seem to find a model number.

    NOW, I got to go fix this thread, LOL... if I find the pic I will post it, plus, I should check to see if the oven is doing the same.

    Don't count on the pic, lol.
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    Well, as fate would have it, I pitched the paperwork because my extended warranty had run out in December. Figures! I can't find that a model number anywhere short of flipping over the stove, lol... and, trust me, I can't do that.

    Does the serial number help at all? What would cause this, something electrical? I can fix that. If a gas line, nah... won't touch that one.

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    TA DA!!! I found it! I stood on my head looked down in the broiler and there, they hid it. I wonder what kind of moron did that. ( you know it was a man) a woman, would had not put one on at all, she would had said, " we don't need this", and had thrown it away. lol... Now, I got a headache.

    The Model # is, JGBS22WEK1WW
    And, the right serial number is: LH137508P

    Thank you for any and all help.
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    Red, this morning I pulled the stove out checked the wiring, redid it, and wola! A bad connection all it was. I am so glad, and it took no time for me to redo. Thank you for contributing though, I did appreciate it.

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