You notice the water level in your sink isn't going down. If it is, it's descending at a snail pace. Rather than reaching under the sink for a bottle of Drano, try these tips to ensure a happy sink and ultimately, a happy YOU.

1. Identify what's causing the clog. If you think the likely verdict is hair, you can simply get a drain stick with barbs in it to retrieve all the hair. If it's something else, it will be extremely useful to identify it to take a different plan of attack.

2. Stock up on a few simple tools. Purchase the aforementioned drain stick, barbed and smooth. A small wet/dry vacuum is nice to have in the kitchen closet and of course the plunger.

3. Try to use natural ingredients-based solutions rather than harsh chemical products. A strong vinegar-lemon solution can do the trick for some basic clogs that have things stuck to the side.

4. Take apart the pipes and clean them out with a toothbrush or some sort of scrubbing pad. WARNING: Make sure you know what you're doing before dismantling the plumbing.

5. The best thing you can do to clean your drains is by preventing the clogs from the beginning. You can run a natural solution down the drain on a bi-weekly basis. You can purchase a strainer to prevent hair from entering the drain.

If you have any other suggestions or tips to add please chime in!