I need help... I received two proposals from two separate electricians for wiring a new dryer. Here is the situation: The room has a dedicated 220V 20 amp outlet wired to a 20 amp breaker (it was originally intended for an air conditioner, but will not be used for that purpose). I realize that the new dryer will require a 30 amp receptacle. One electrician tells me that the 20 amp breaker has to be replaced with a 30 amp breaker and a new wire run up to the location of the new 30 amp receptacle. The second electrician says that there is no need to run a new wire since there is already a 220v outlet in the room. He says that the breaker should be changed to a 30 amp breaker and the 20 amp outlet can either be replaced or tapped into for the new 30 amp outlet. One of them is right and one is wrong... Neither of them looked at the gauge of the existing wire before making their assessment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.