Hi! I have differing opinions and trying to find specific code to settle this. I have an existing bathroom in the garage (one story home) with a toilet and shower. I want to remodel and a small part of that is adding a sink in a the garage bathroom. There is an existing washer 7' away from the proposed sink location. My plumber told me that the waste line can be connected to the existing washer PVC pipe were the washer dumps its waste water (this line is not in the wall but in front of wall). Moreover, he says that the sink does not need to be vented. He states that this is just like a utility sink that can be located next to the washer and set up in the same fashion. I have had opinions say yes this is OK to NO WAY...but no one can point me to the code were this is addressed. I have looked through the entire Florida Building Code. I would assume that if it can be found in IPC it is in the FBC.