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Thread: Entrepreneurial ideas, PLEASE READ.

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    Default Entrepreneurial ideas, PLEASE READ.

    I am in the Entrepreneur program in my school (UWEC) and am working a design and possible patent / production project that would hopefully turn into a real business. I have been involved in the service industry for around 10 years and would like to put my efforts into benefiting it.

    Basically, I am looking for is anything in the plumbing / service industry that isnít as good as it could be. This could be mowers, clean-up equipment, some equipment that isnít even around yet, advising services, parts services, software, hardware, you name it, ANYTHING.

    From what I can see, this is a fairly knowledgeable, professional site, so if you guys could vent your industry frustrations, I would be very appreciative.

    Thank you,


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    Talking An Idea Foryou

    How about an extra strong belt
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    yeah - since extra long t-shirts have already been patented:


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