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Thread: replacing 2 40 gallon tanks

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    Default replacing 2 40 gallon tanks

    We have two 40 gallon water heaters. Both heaters are 13 years old. We have two because we have a jacuzzi tub in the master bath (that we rarely use), we have 2 full baths, 1 half bath, there are two adults and two kids (approaching teenage years.

    One of the 40's started leaking last week. I drained it and shut it off. I want to do something before the other one goes. What would you suggest?

    replacing the 40 that is leaking and wait for the other one to go
    replacing both with new 40's
    replacing both with one 50 or larger
    replacing both with a tankless big enough for a whole house

    I had one plumber suggest using one Bradford White GX-1-55S6BN high recovery model, but wanted $1600 for the unit and install. A large tankless from two different plumbers was @$2500.

    what do you think?

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    Tankless are a disaster. Read the maintenance book before buying and you will RUN away.

    I would use the 40 until it dies, then maybe one 50 would do it. Teens need cold showers anyway.


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    Cool go with a 75

    2 40 gallon heaters are a very inefficient way to heat water
    and over time they never draw off both of them equallly...one of them
    does mot of the work.....

    you are better off to tear them both out and install one 75 gallon
    Rheem Pro gas water heater.... it will probably cut your heating bill
    by %30 or so with just one heater....

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