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Thread: Pump type?

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    Default Pump type?

    I have just got a plumber to install a solid fuel heating system and it is working fine. I suggested he should be able to use the hot water it creates as a separate shower. He danced around the idea and said that I would need a particular type of pump to pump the water from the hot water tank to the shower. What is the name of this type of pump and what should I look for on ****? He said that this pump costs $400 but would not tell me the type or the name of it..
    What would I be looking for? If I can save a few bob on **** then thats where I will look. I live in Ireland and the net seems to be the cheapest way forward.
    All advice very welcome.
    Tom Burnell in Tipperary

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    he is probably talking about a Bronze circulator. Most circulator manufacturers make one or two models. They cost alot more money than the normal iron circulators. Taco, Bell and Gossett, Grunfos are some examples.
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    Default pump

    Many thanks.

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    Default Pump

    Getting you a good answer really depends on knowing a bit more about the system.

    The pump requirement depends on whether the "boiler" is a pressurized boiler or an atmospheric pressure boiler. Is the boiler producing water to circulate heat through the house? Or is it producing water for other purposes? And how is it supplied with makeup water? If it is a house heating boiler, then you probably need a heat exchanger of some kind because you don't want to use the circulating water in the shower.

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