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Thread: American Standard Cadet: Gravity vs Pressure Assist

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    Default American Standard Cadet: Gravity vs Pressure Assist

    Hi, I'm a homeowner looking for some guidance on replacing an original American Standard toilet circa 1964. The toilet at this point is not functional and I need to make a quick decision about what to replace it with. I am definitely going with an American Standard Cadet, to exactly match the colors used in this old hallway bathroom (I did look into the Toto and others but the colors just don't work, so I am not interested in other models). At this time am not remodeling the whole bathroom, just replacing the toilet.

    There are 3 bathrooms in the house, 2 (bedroom & guest bathroom) were completely remodeled 10 years ago and Cadet Pressure Assist toilets were used. I'm familiar with them, although the flush is a little loud, they have worked great, they flush well with only a minor adjustment here or there.

    Would anyone have any guidance on whether to go with the Cadet Pressure Assist again for this bathroom, matching the rest of the house, or would the Cadet Gravity Flush do the job? I would be happy with a little less noise and the cheaper price, but if there will be flushing problems and/or this model is a poor performer, I will stick with the Pressure Assist. Any tips, guidance or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Mansfield Quantum

    The Cadet gravity is a so-so toilet. Having said that, there are tens of thousands of them in use in homes, apartments, and hotels.

    A pressure-assist will work better. I have a Mansfield Quantum, and gladly accept the noise in exchange for better flush.

    Inside the
    Mansfield Quantum tank, Flushmate equipped.

    Under the Mansfield Quantum
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    Thanks for your quick reply. Given that I already have the pressure assist Cadets, and am happy with their performance, do you think I would then be less than satisfied with the gravity model? What is "so-so" about it?
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    Talking american standard

    I would not put an American Standard toilet
    in for anybody...

    they are no good

    look at my recent post

    The worst toilet I have ever installed


    Today I went to a customers house to finish a rush job

    he supplied the toilet and if I knew how crummey it was
    I would have never had taken it out of the box...

    is probably the worst
    toilet I have ever installed.....

    ((the only thing I think is about as crummey is the Kohler))

    the bowl was off level at least 1/2 inch

    then it came with a special wrench to tighten down the tank

    and it took more tension to tighten the bolts down enough to
    keep it from leaking...

    When you tried to flush the toilet it also seemed not to
    catch right...or you had to flush it twice...

    it had a very crummey flush assembly that will probably
    be wearing out in 2 years or less??.

    I installed it , and told the fellow that I wouldent wish that

    piece of junk on anybody..


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